Coffee and Ice Cream

pink spot coffee

If you love coffee and love ice cream, then this might be the perfect site for you! We are big fans of both coffee and ice cream so will be filling these pages with inspiring, frozen and caffeinated ideas!

pink spot ice cream


A unique coffeehouse/dessert shop in the heart of midtown – a place where friends from the local neighborhoods and local businesses can gather for a chat over a cup of coffee or scoop of ice cream. A place where kids are welcome. A place where folks can study or work. A place where you can run into your neighbor or your coworker.

Part of what makes Pink Spot special is its gourmet coffee, roasted locally and specifically for Pink Spot by Coffee Roasters of Arizona to ensure the beans reach your cup as fresh as possible. Pink Spot uses an Italian inspired Siena Espresso, full in flavor and body, but low in acidity, for all its espresso drinks and French Roast, a dark, rich bean, for its drip coffee.

Similarly, on the ice cream side, Pink Spot proudly offers a gourmet, super premium (16% butterfat) ice cream made locally by a small mom & pop creamery. Many of the flavors are made just for Pink Spot. While you will find the usual standards like chocolate, mint chip, coffee and blueberry cheesecake, Pink Spot also likes to go a bit funky and surprise you with flavors like habanero peach sorbet, Blue Moon (think Fruity Pebbles), lemon meringue pie, salted caramel, and chocolate raspberry zinfandel.